Sophie's career path lives at the intersection of strategy, culture, and content creation. Her passion for human-centered design, sustainability and cross-cultural communication motivates her to execute unique solutions to complex issues.

She has traveled to 15 countries, and developed a heightened sense of cultural insights, to create both thoughts, content, and solutions that connect with a global audience. Her traveling and fascination with societal structures from a sociological, and philosophical standpoint motivates her to find the ways design, strategy, and social behavior between cultures can collaborate to improve each other.

Her photography is primarily documentary style with a focus in understanding and highlighting cultural perspectives outside of western narratives in order to uncover elements that could improve our definitions of innovation and progress.

She is planning to pursue her masters in the Fall of 2019 to learn the ways we can strategize for the future today, through innovative technologies, design human centered systems, urban design, and sustainable innovation. Previously in her academic career she has studied art and architecture at the Florence University of the arts, design, at ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering, and media, culture, and communications, at the London College of Communication.



Sophie Weber is a senior graduating in the Spring of 2019 from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies with a emphasis in Photography. Now she is focusing on a documentary photography series with an focus on documenting and researching the ethnographic evolution of the Yoruba religion, Ifa. Ifa is the West African religion practiced by many of the slaves who were brought to the Americas through the Middle Passage. She has recently returned from Haiti to learn about and photograph the spiritual culture that created Vodou. This project was inspired by her trip to Togo to work with an NGO where she had the opportunity to met the Spirit King of the country, diving her deeper into an existing interest of understanding ancestral, shamanic, and matriarchal, and African spiritualities and religions.